How do your thoughts make you feel?

I trust this finds you well.  Thank you for following us in our journey to happiness.  We have had some technical issues that have not been resolved yet, However, I am determined that it will be resolved shortly.

As I communicate with different people I can appreciate how challenging “living” is.  Without a doubt, if we are not able to control anything in this world but ourselves then we can only consider using the tools we share, so they can be applied to situations we may encounter

In other words, how you fell about situations in your life depends totally on your perception (which starts with your thoughts on the subject) rather than the situation itself.

If your original thought was positive, your feelings would be pleasant, happy, smiling rather than being tense, anxious and “difficult.”  Of course, negative thoughts would be just the opposite and your physical symptoms would probably stressed, apprehensive, anxious or maybe irritable. 

Think a bit about these feelings you have experienced during periods that you have been in one of these situations.  How have you felt?  Do you see the connection between the thoughts you had, how you felt, the actions that may have followed and if you want to take it a step further the consequences, negative or positive.

I’m quite aware this sounds easy, but it does take work on your part, but it is absolutely beneficial.  Learning to take control of your thoughts is the best gift you can give yourself and if you have children, teach them as well.

You may find beneficial to write your findings down and see with time as you look back on your notes how you have progressed. This is your choice.

Do you want to invest this time in yourself?  Do you feel you are worth it.  I sure hope so. You will have such a positive impact on the people around you.

Absolutely, it all starts in your thought, in that involuntary process of the mind, which is going all the time, unless you consciously stop it  through meditation or focusing intensely on something else. Reason as to why I place a great deal of emphasis on learning to control your thoughts.  Not your mind, your thoughts.

It takes practice, but when you manage it, it gives you great satisfaction.  The exercise is a simple as at first, being aware of how many negative things you do a period of time, it could be an hour, a half day or more. Jot that number down.

For example: “I don’t feel well”.  ” I don’t like the weather.”   “I don’t like that food”. “I don’t feel like getting up.”  “Indeed there are endless things we say and do every day.”

Negative? Being “, “rude”, “nasty,”, “yelling”, among others that you can identify.

Once you are aware of this keep being aware of how many times you do it and do a conscious effort not to do it.  After a while it will become automatic.  You will see your relationships change. You will be someone who people want around and not on the defensive because they don’t know how explosive your may react or negatively you may react.   Not agreeing does not mean being negative. You can agree to disagree or you can simply listen and acknowledge. Never ever stop someone from expressing their thoughts, just be quiet. 

People may get annoyed by your attitude of “know it all,” “opinionated”, “controlling, but more than likely never tell you.  They’ll just avoid you.  If you notice it, the first thing is what am I doing or saying that causes this rejection.  Look to yourself first, then if you feel in your heart, in a constructive manner know it has nothing to do with your behavior, like I say “hit a delete key” on the relationship or amend your behavior. You need to be your own critic. You may want to ask, “What is preventing me from resolving this situation myself.”  This will result in less conflicts and better relationships.

As I said before and without being redundant, practice being positive.  Substitute negative thoughts the moment the pop into your thoughts with something pleasant. We are going to move forward making small adjustments in our behavior and also recognizing our our virtues and enhancing them as well.

Next time I would like you to think about identifying any problems you feel you have right now, that will be our next topic.

If you have any questions please contact me.  If you know of anyone whom you believe would like and enhance their lives and lead a happier life please share this information.

We will continue on our journey to happiness and please let me know what topic you would like me to cover in one of our next blogs.    

Please let me know your views on our contact sheet. Click: How do your thoughts make you feel?

Thank you and keep smiling, keep spreading love and kindness.







































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As a professional trainer and life coach my goal is to help you attain a meaningful life. We are living in a world of chaos, where technology has taken away our humanity. Peace, joy and happiness begins with each one of us. It is our choice. It will be impossible to attain peace unless we learn to understand ourselves, control our thoughts, respect others as well as nature and all living creature. Let peace begin with each of us. Let's learn the importance of learning the powe of thoughts. Let's take our humanity back. I'm sure you know we need to take action to better the quality of life. not only for ourselves, but also for generations to come. Please join me on this journey, let me have your thoughts. Thank you, keep smiling. Ann 🌻 Women are staying in the workplace longer, some by choice others because they need the extra income. I am one of those women that have been fortunate enough to have loved everything my journey in the workplace. Combining motherhood, with all the different rolls we are called upon to play, we more often than not neglect ourselves. We become our own w

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