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 As I promised from the very beginning I will try to provide you tools to make your life easier.  Of course, that is a tall order because it is not just one thing we need to do to have a good balance in our lives and make that journey to happiness easier, however, I will try.

The last blog we covered attitudes which requires a lot of soul-searching and admit you have not only a relationship problem, you have a “chip on your shoulder” and you certainly have serious communication problems.  So let’s see what I can do to shed some light to better those situations.

This information will be shared in segments primarily so it can be internalized and applied to your daily life.  This is one of the Seminars I offered to Fortune 500 companies to increase productivity and communication. I hope you benefit from it.

Part I


Understand the four ways people express themselves.

Understand the 4 ways people listen to each other,


Assumptions can lead to mistakes, misunderstandings, and strained relationships when treated like facts.

  • Jumping to conclusions
  • Focusing on intentions
  • Thinking you know best
  • Stereotyping                                                                  


  • Treat everyone as an individual
  • Listen first
  • Avoid generalizations
  • Communicate first act second
  • Assume the other person means well




  • Aggressive Speaking
  • Non-assertive Speaking
  • Passive-Aggressive Speaking
  • Assertive Speaking-     Direct, positive, confident. Point is clear a

                                                     and you maintain respect for others.


  • Passive Listening
  • Selective Listening
  • Attentive Listening
  • Active Listening- Non-verbal and verbal feedback allowed

                                           Express that you understand the message

                                           Demonstrate that you understand the message



This we will discuss in our next blog….stay tuned. If you want a free copy of script please let me know I will send it to you, free of charge of course.  Won’t you share this training with someone who can benefit from it?  Thanks.







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As a professional trainer and life coach my goal is to help you attain a meaningful life. We are living in a world of chaos, where technology has taken away our humanity. Peace, joy and happiness begins with each one of us. It is our choice. It will be impossible to attain peace unless we learn to understand ourselves, control our thoughts, respect others as well as nature and all living creature. Let peace begin with each of us. Let's learn the importance of learning the powe of thoughts. Let's take our humanity back. I'm sure you know we need to take action to better the quality of life. not only for ourselves, but also for generations to come. Please join me on this journey, let me have your thoughts. Thank you, keep smiling. Ann 🌻 https://journey-for-a-betterlife.com https://78.media.tumblr.com/2895035a8db3e6103a583eac57a85df0/tumblr_njqladrXvW1u6kjxyo1_500.jpg Women are staying in the workplace longer, some by choice others because they need the extra income. I am one of those women that have been fortunate enough to have loved everything my journey in the workplace. Combining motherhood, with all the different rolls we are called upon to play, we more often than not neglect ourselves. We become our own w

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