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I hope you are enjoying this warm weather (a little bit too much at times) we did have a very wet spell a few weeks ago and now everything seems to be drying up. Let’s make the best of it and keep your pets cool and protected from the heat.

Love is in the air.  People getting married, engaged, moving to their dream house, new babies and I thought I touch the “love” relationship.

Love is not selective, however, the intensity can vary. You may know someone that you have a special feeling for, and the feeling is reciprocated, that is when we say we are in a love relationship.

True communication is essential, communication is a communion, it oneness which it is love. Your relationship cannot flourish if you are not free of your ego and you are a good listener, being non-judgmental. If you allow these things to take place at a difficult moment your relationship can turn into a destructive love. 

We are living at a time where humanity is in crisis. Relationships are affected by economics, political and social structures are nearing collapse.  So they continue the relationship in a “Pain” mode where there is only a “beneficial” arrangement. Dysfunctional relationships which continue for those “benefits.”  These benefits can be financial, for the sake of the children, fear of being alone, fear of the unknown or it could well be the enjoyment of drama, at a conscious or unconscious level.

Some people prefer being in denial and then they remain trapped in the relationship for years, which can remain the same or deteriorate even more. I know of couples that have this lifestyle all their lives, again for the benefits or perhaps the denial.

Giving space to yourself and to others is essential. Love cannot flourish without it. There is yet another important destructive behavior  Accusing, attacking, and all those things that a person does to defend their ego or just to have your needs met.  As I said, you must give space to your partner to express themselves without criticism, without being judgemental.

The absence of love in a relationship, women fell it more, and in that pain, she will attack, trying to defend herself, make wrong and so on, this can also lead to physical violence which of course a “no-no” ever.  Then, he attacks, and counterattacks.  If this man just listens without judging he will be able to see her pain, he should be the silent partner until things quiet down.  Excuse yourself and take a walk. Eventually, try to analyze her claims without being on the defensive and being judgmental and see with an open mind understand how she feels and what things you can do to have her needs fulfilled.

It takes consciousness to observe the functionality of your relationship. If you don’t you will go on from one relationship into another, “happiness to pain,”  over and over again.  Remember you cannot take back time, as you can take back words, so keep control over your emotions at difficult moments.

Relationships take work.  Make sure you learn fully what your partner’s needs are, so you can do your best to meet his(hers) emotional needs.  Don’t ever go to bed angry, or separate for the day angry. Do what is right and do not retaliate, find the right time and place to speak in peace. Make time to share with him and listen to him every day after a hard days work, Always take care of your appearance.  Do your best to keep the communication lines open with your partner. Listen and don’t be judgemental.

Take care, smile and be kind.


Soon we will have great information on how to manage your life when there is a child with special needs in the family.  Such as Autism which is on the rise.

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As a professional trainer and life coach my goal is to help you attain a meaningful life. We are living in a world of chaos, where technology has taken away our humanity. Peace, joy and happiness begins with each one of us. It is our choice. It will be impossible to attain peace unless we learn to understand ourselves, control our thoughts, respect others as well as nature and all living creature. Let peace begin with each of us. Let's learn the importance of learning the powe of thoughts. Let's take our humanity back. I'm sure you know we need to take action to better the quality of life. not only for ourselves, but also for generations to come. Please join me on this journey, let me have your thoughts. Thank you, keep smiling. Ann 🌻 Women are staying in the workplace longer, some by choice others because they need the extra income. I am one of those women that have been fortunate enough to have loved everything my journey in the workplace. Combining motherhood, with all the different rolls we are called upon to play, we more often than not neglect ourselves. We become our own w

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