Happiest of Mother’s Day and blessings, and thank you for all you do for us, your children, all over the world.

To those Mother’s who are no longer physically present all, I can say, “Mom, thanks for being my unconditional mother, for the beautiful role mother you were. Your teachings have made my life easier.  Almost every day I awaken speaking to you, just this morning I heard  myself say, “Mom, why don’t you answer me?”  The happiest days of my life were those I shared with you day to day.

Saying thank you somehow is not enough for all you did for so many in this life, I also know your major concern was leaving me alone.  I’m not alone you are with all the time and sooner than later we shall be together once more.

I love you, now and into all eternity.

It’s amazing how one mother can care for 5,6,7 children, yet those same children can’t take care of her in her last days. It’s a privilege to care for them, it’s just easier to send them to a rest home.  Sad. Sad. After being left there, they rarely take time to go see them. They seem to forget they are going to get old too. Remember, the fruits you gather will be according to the seeds you plant and care for.

Friends treasure your mother’s, it is a poignant process when they are gone. Tell them you love them, make their days happy ones. It’s not about gifts, it’s about a phone call, if you are far away, asking her if she needs anything or you can do anything for her.  Not just on Mothers’ Day rather every day of the year.

Thank you Lord for our Mother’s, bless them.