The Journey Begins


Thanks for joining me!

Modern life can be very stressful and complicated, particularly for the woman of today. We are called to wear many hats and we forget to take care of ourselves, and I am not talking about having our nails and hair done.

We see a lot of beautiful inspirational verses, however, rarely will someone explain what we can do about our own happiness  It takes decision, committment and action. Only you can make that choice, no one else.  I hope that by the time we go through this topic on our blog  and you have the tools (you have to use them) 😜you will have made the choice to be happy. 

Where does it all begin?

It all starts in your thoughts. Once you understand the thought process and have the tools you can use your thoughts to you advantage.  You can achieve what you want, in the time of tribulation and in spite of circumstances. You can climb the  highest mountain and be just fine.

The ABC of thoughts

Our thoughts stimulate our behavior which may well bring turmoil, fear or pain, peace and happiness. Be aware your thoughts are the makers of our character.  Thoughts not only has an effect on your life, but it also affects those around you. 

We do well to remember that thoughts just like seeds they bring  forth sweet or bitter fruitage,  good thoughts bear good fruit and bad thoughts, bad fruit.  

By now I imagine you know where I am going with this.  In life you can no more change the color of the sky, that you can change anyones’ deamenor.  You can only change yourself.  The rest have the same option.  Sooner or later you will reap what you planted.  

This is an on going process.  It takes commitment, humility, compassion, dedication and being ready to take responsability for your actions.    

You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge. If things  in your life are not how you want them, you can learn what options you can try that will make that jouney to happiness a joyful one.

There has been an on going study at Harvard University for the past 75 years in happiness.

The results incredible. I will share with you in my next blog. For now let’s do two “simple” exercises:

One – Ask yourself what is success to you? think about it , write it in a writing pad and date it.  We will come back to that up ahead.  

Two: Say Nothing NEGATIVE for a day. i.e.- “I hate this weather” – “My xxxxxx is driving me crazy” etc.  

Share it so they can catch each other when you do. It’s funny , it gets better. Place a quarter in a jar for each time you do it.  You’ll probably have enough for lunch in just a couple of days.

Learning can be fun! By the way please let me know about this type of exchange, because it would help me know if you feel it would help us as women to have the happiness we deserve.  Please share and have a wonderful week. 💕 –  Ann



Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.

  — Izaak Waltond