Our Pets

Without a doubt our pets these days are very much part of our families.  We love them so much we want to  humanize them. We dress them, some people have chauffers for them, diamond neck collars and just about anything the owner can afford.

The dog plays along.  He is not interest in the new dress or collar or any of the ostentatious    things owners buy. They just want  to be dogs 😜

A few years I acquired  the services of a highly qualified trainer, who works for the Federal Court in cases related to dogs.  He and his wife have ended up with a pet shelter of dogs that people wanted to put down now they live happy at their farm.

I learned, it was me who was being trained.  

No yelling, no hitting, nothing rough at all.  From day one the adored him and obeyed his commands.  I was very impressed.

By the way he trained me well.

This is our pets page.  Send their stories, pictures of all our pets surely we will enjoy.