I hope this finds you well:

A few weeks ago and before my “Effective Communication” blog. I wrote about the “attitude” of people, more applied to a business setting and how a bad attitude can be of great detriment to your life as well.(As a good attitude can add years to your life).

 I’m going to ask you to withdraw yourself from your duties and obligations and think for one moment what has created this negative attitude in you.  Frustration, anger, worry, exhaustion, overwhelmed?    I suggest you do this because this condition can have very bad consequences.

Without getting into medical statistics, I will share with you that it has been found that having a bad hostile, argumentative, negative attitude can affect your heart and you can develop heart disease. There are so many illnesses that are brought about because of this dysfunction.  These are countless illnesses that are psychosomatic. This not counting how a bad attitude damages relationships.

Positive changes in health attitudes and behaviors. Scientists have discovered … help relieve stress, treat heart disease, and alleviate other conditions.

A negative attitude about aging appears to be associated with a higher likelihood of Alzheimer’s disease.

A study in the journal Psychology and Aging examined healthy, dementia-free subjects from the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging, the nation’s longest-running scientific study of aging.

A study highlighted attitudes toward aging. The study found those with greater negative attitudes had more beta-amyloid … tangles, both hallmarks of the Alzheimers. It is still unclear …(Harvard Medical School  Pub. Feb. 

I imagine by now you “got it”  negative attitudes can be extremely damaging to your health, your relationships, and your well being in general.  Consequently, your journey in life will not be a very happy one. I really hope this is a wake-up call for someone. Please share.

Smile, be happy and hugs,