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I apologize for not getting this out last week, it was a technical issue and I just realized it had not been processed.

Only each one of us is responsible for clearing up the pollution inside each of us. Doing that we will also cease to create outer pollution.  We need to recognize the pain within us and refuse to carry it any longer, we need to let it go.  True, some are very difficult to let go and we can only let them go, by acceptance, such as in the parting of a dear one. Others by recognizing you don’t want to suffer anymore.

We need to be grateful for what we have now in the present, you should take a few minutes each day to talk to yourself and take inventory of how many things are in your life that you are grateful for all you have. Don’t spend your time waiting to feel happy when you “get the new job,” when your next vacation comes about when you make more money when you have a meaningful relationship. Don’t spend your life waiting instead of living positively in the present.  There is nothing wrong with having goals but it is negative to substitute your present waiting for what may never come.

These behaviors are overlooked because they are part of our the normal discontent in people.  Whatever feelings come up, be anger, resentment, irritation, it’s okay, recognize them and be aware you have the choice between having peace or conflict and acting upon them.  Accept them and avoid getting into an inner conflict of denial. You then are in total control of your negative emotions.   It takes practice and awareness, but it feels oh so good when you are in control of your behavior, one more step towards happiness.

Do your best to eliminate all negative expressions and behaviors, count your blessings and live in love and kindness and with forgiveness and without resentments.

Awareness of our emotions and conduct will make our life so much easier and pleasant, our relationships cordial.  No one can do this for you it is your choice to try to understand a bit our human makeup and or emotions because then we can better understand ourselves better and our fellowmen as well.

If you have any questions drop me a line and let me know how you enjoyed this topic and if there are any other topics you would like to learn about.

We are currently working on sharing information on an illness that is growing and whose symptoms are so hard to detect unless you are aware of them.  Our first topic will on autism? It is being prepared by my friend Natalie who just finished her masters’ studies specializing on the subject in Argentina and is currently doing another in Colombia. This topic I find interesting because the behavior may seem like someone unsociable or even rude. When in fact they have this condition,

I look forward to this experience.

Be well, be happy and smile.

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